Why Should You Not Code For Free? Never Code For Free

Author: Deon Cardoza

If you are coding for free, creating projects for free, or teaching anyone to learn to code for free, then stop doing what you are doing right now. 😑

Doing something for free is not bad you certainly gain a lot of experience. It is rightly said knowledge and experience prevail over money. 📚

But wait. Do you have no bills to pay? 🤷‍♂️ If you do have bills to pay, say no. If someone thinks or tells you that it is easy, then let them do it themselves.

Remember you spent months to possess this skill of programming. You spent years achieving problem-solving skills and logical thinking. I also believe you spent a ton of money educating yourself. 🔥


Then why shall you do it for free? Do not do it for free. Always respect your value and position. 🏆

So that is it for this blog!

Thank you! I hope you learned a lot.

- Deon Cardoza

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